The Redesign of the Wow V4

How much did the wow v4 design change from the wow v3?

What Changed?


For the WOW v4, we lengthed the wingtip to help the kite handle more rear line tension and more aggressive use of the profile in lightwind.  You can now ride a slightly smaller kite in the wave and focus on your riding.  The Raw power of the kite hasn’t changed,  but it’s now possible to juice more power out of each size.  


Ultra high-quality Teijin Triple Ripstop adds stiffness in the overall canopy profile and recuses flutter and canopy distortion for better airflow throughout the profile of the kite.  Mixed with this our standard strut construction where the canopy connects on TOP of the strut, it reduces the canopy wrinkles around the struts to Leading Edge connections. 

We redesigned the kite arc completely, giving it a boxy feel, especially in the wingtips.  What that does, it maximizes the direct exposed horizontal canopy profile in the center of the kite for raw kite power and optimizes the vertical canopy profile in the wingtip for power and quickness throughout the kite turn radius.  The kite turns even quicker with this boxey arc.

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