Australian Team Riders

LFK is the only kite brand in Australia boasting a full kite team. Each team rider brings their bit of “special” to the team. The outcome is a very small group of very passionate kiters who love to help. Be it through coaching, filming, competing or just a launch, this crew loves every minute of what they do.

Beau Blake

Beau Blake has been a part of the Liquid Force family since the beginning as the team grommet. This is definitely not the case anymore as Beau has secured himself a place in the LF Global team and spends his time traveling Australia and the world, kiting, shooting and sharing his passion for all things kiteboarding. Whether it is straps, boots, freestyle, wakestyle, strapless surf or foil Beau takes pride in the diversity of his kiteboarding. Being one of the only people in Australia to ride in both freestyle and surf at a competitive level, he quickly became one of the biggest names in the Australian kite scene.

Lee Kavanagh

Lee Kavanagh is our team master. Not many people can say they have been kiting as long as Kav but by no means does that mean he has lost any of his stoke for the sport. Lee is one of those riders that will make you look twice. You’ll see someone in the corner of your eye carving down the line only to notice he is riding unhooked better than you can hooked in on a good day. Not only this but Lee is not scared to put a twin tip back on and throw down some freestyle tricks. Foiling has brought some of the fun back to the sport for Lee and it is amazing to watch what someone with hundreds of hours of kite control can do in 5 knots and a foil!

Marlee Currie

Marlee is responsible for the amazing photos we get on all of our shoots, events and trips. Marlee is a photographer shooting in the water with a different eye than most. He captures shots we couldn’t even perceive and manages to make the team look good at what they do. Don’t be fooled though. Marlee will drop his camera, grab a kite and give just about anyone a run for their money in the surf.

Dan Sweeney

Dan is our freestyle guru. He will go bigger, spin faster and shred harder than anyone else on the water on a bad day. You’ll never know it talking to him, but he Dan would have to be one of the top riders in the country with a polished style that has no compromise. To the untrained eye it will look like Dan is simply doing summersaults through the air while flying a kite but in reality he is training to increase his already full bag of technical tricks.

Jack Gearing

One thing you can always know for sure about Jack Gearing. No matter what he is doing, you will never catch him without a smile on his dial and an attitude that will get anything done. A true Aussie bloke, Jack has plenty of toys. From huge demountable rails and kickers that he will tow anywhere in Australia to set up to kite, to winches to wakeboard at the spot when the wind doesn’t come up. Jack gets shit done, and we love his enthusiasm.

Krisztina Koos

Kris lives to kite, she is super passionate and always up for a kite trip. Kris is the founder of Limitless Kite Tours organizing adventure kite trips around the world. In her free time, she does charity work as the Vice President of Aquachicks helping to encourage women to start this beautiful sport.